I was born in 1952 and after high school graduation and military service I studied mathematics, physics and astronomy at the Ruhr University in Bochum. Unfortunately, I was too tired of the charms of a free student life, so after several semesters I decided to turn to computer science, which was just emerging at that time. There was no course of studies yet - the training as programmer and system analyst took place in Frankfurt at the Control-Data-Institute. After graduation I was available for the free market.

Until 1997 I worked for various software companies as a full-time software developer, after that I worked as a freelancer until 2019. After round about 24 years as a freelancer in the field of software development and test automation in various industries, I retired at the beginning of 2019. Over the years I worked for many companies mostly on site, but occasionally also in the home office.

In software development I was mainly working in the Microsoft area (except for the eighties with IBM, Triumph-Adler and old Dec/PDP 11/VAX systems with programming under assembler and later MUMPS and Cobol).

My preferred programming languages were and are C, C++, VB 6, C#, Phyton, Java (a little bit), Kotlin (since a few months).

Mainly I have developed desktop applications. Occasionally, however, I also developed web applications. Test automation (mainly load and stress tests) was also part of my repertoire.